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Poor sick bebe

Cambria is sick =( She must take after me, every time the weather changes I catch a cold. Poor thing, I feel so bad for her. She's miserable. Stuffed up and coughy and sneezy. Aw.

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Yesterday Wendy (wenzo) and Johnny came over for awhile..oh man, Johnny is so cute! He's a fun little baby. He had fun playing with Cambria's toys. Awww.

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The dimples!!

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Wendy and Johnny.

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Poor thing.

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Chopped it. It's also kind of purple, but you can't tell in this picture.


Oct. 20th, 2005 12:46 am (UTC)
do you think the sickness you two might experience might be allergy related? i feel the same way every time the weather changes and it ended up my allergies going out of control.

just some food for thought.
Oct. 20th, 2005 03:08 pm (UTC)
It could be that, I guess..but it seems more like a cold. Shrug..I dunno.

How have you been??
Oct. 20th, 2005 03:24 pm (UTC)
surprisingly enough bad allergies can make it seem like a cold. Atleast with me. I've been good. Just putsing around like usual.

hey, I might be in SD this weekend, how fars where you live from there now?