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A Masters in Reverse Psychology
5 May 1981
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adventures, altering clothes, anthropology, autumn, bare feet, beaches, being in love, black hair, board games, bookstores, cambria christine, camping, candles, childhood treasures, chuck palahniuk, coffee, coheed and cambria, cold nights, cold weather, collages, collecting stuff, cooking, creativity, crushes, cynicism, d.i.y., darkness, dave eggers, david sedaris, daydreaming, diaries, dollhouses, doodles, driving around aimlessly, ebay, eccentricity, enigmatic people, fierceness, flip flops, forests, forts, gardening, gerbera daisies, getting lost, ghost stories, going to concerts, hands, handwritten letters, happiness, haunted places, hiking, history, holidays, holtville, home, homemade journals, hot baths, humor, ice cream, imagination, imperfection, independent films, indie, indie rock, individuality, inspiration, intelligence, journals, kitsch, kneesocks, knitting, knowledge, laughing at myself, learning, libraries, lightning, lists, literature, looking at pictures, magazine cut-outs, mail, mail art, making clothes, making lists, making out, memories, miniatures, mischief, mountains, murder by death, music, my bed, nature, nerdiness, nervousness.org, nostalgia, notebooks, observation, obsessive compulsiveness, office supplies, open mindedness, originality, panda bears, paper crafts, paper journals, people watching, picnics, playgrounds, polaroids, pomegranates, postcards, pregnancy, procrastination, quirkiness, rain, randomness, readymade magazine, reality tv, receiving letters, retro, road trips, sad songs, san diego, sarcasm, scarves, seasons, secret passages, sewing, skulls, snail mail, sociology, somerset studio, spontaneity, stars, staying up late, storms, street signs, summer nights, taking pictures of everything, the beach at night, the little prince, thrift stores, thunderstorms, treehouses, winter, wit

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